June 24, 2004

...and I'm in!

Yea! Got 'accepted' to the Graphic Arts Workshop in San Francisco. Seems like a very cool place, 6 presses!

Will be starting around July-ish to get some things made. Can't wait to just go and put some things down on paper. Work big. That's my next project.

Am hoping to do something with the mask prints. There's an Asian-type show in SF in Sept and am thinking of submitting, but every time I see my mask prints, I get bouts of *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!* these SUCK! Kind of a process too with creating all the slides and framing and stuff, but if I get enough balls to to do it, will submit.

Stay tuned ...

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June 16, 2004

The City of Roses

Had a bit of a mini-break in Portland to hang out with my gal-pal Dee. Good times, good times. Never been to Portland before so it was nice to check out the city.

dee.jpg   deepiano.jpg   deesky.jpg

Cool place, definitely one of those 'up-and-coming' places, loved the warehouses and red brick. Don't really have that out here in SF, kinda gave it a cool rustic feel. Kinda reminded me of Hoboken in New Jersey (without the mullets and hairspray).

So yeah, it's called the "City of Roses", did you know that? cuz I didn't know that. They're everywhere. Nice. Ironically enough it was the Rose Festival and Fleet Week during that weekend. The usual stuff, booths, rides, carny stuff. Lots of Coast Guard recruiting ... pretty hilarious in that at their booth, they had this pull up bar and depending on how many pull ups you could do, you got 'prizes'. 1-5 you got a sticker, 6-10 a t-shirt, 10 or more, they just handcuff you and enlist you right there.

Headed up to Astoria as well and checked it out, and there, right in the center of 'town', a smoked salmon store! Heaven. Dropped a bit of a load there but totally reminded me of the stuff that we used to smoke in Alaska, tasted pretty much the same as well (by the way, for those who want to know, the state fish is the Chinook salmon), but I have to admit, our stuff was better (not as salty and heck, we caught it, we gutted it AND we smoked it outside under the stars).

Loaded up on Big Irv's Shedded Smoked Salmon Chew ... yum!


All in all, a fun (but too fast) weekend. Thanks Dee!

Some random pics from the weekend ...



CULTURAL REVOLUTION CHOTCHKIES (my fav is the gun-toting granny)

maobullet.jpg   guntotingmao.jpg


deesnog.jpg   dude.jpg

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June 08, 2004


Haven't put up any new prints in a while because class ended at the end of May. Am waiting to rent some studio time in July. Until then ... some scribbles ....

AA man.jpg

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