July 30, 2004


Ok, I admit it. I'm a geek. A nerd. A dork.

I like animation. I like illustration. I like line-drawn, distorted characters. Went to the Comicon Convention in San Diego last week and yes, was surrounded by Storm Troopers, Wonder Woman, Elves, and uh...Daisy Duke (?)

daisyduke.jpg   alldukes.jpg
(I think she's wearing the same shirt...)

So anyway, screw you all it was FUN! (And I am embracing my geekiness, this was actually my second time out.)

The weird thing is, I don't actually like reading comic books, too slow. I either want a book full of pictures, little text or a novel, no pictures. But I love the art and the illustration, and comeon ... where else can you see a Caveman Robot ?!?!??!...


Ok, all that schmutz aside... it was just fun to wander around and see creative people doin' creative things. I wish I had taken more pics of the independent artists and the gallery but damn, this thing is overwhelming. There were something like 80,000 people that showed up (!)

Plus apparently this is a like a huge movie star/promo place. You'd turn around and the oddest people would be milling around and showing up like the Wayan Bros? Keanu Reeves? etc. etc.

Stuff I thought was pretty cool

- Got The Rabbits by Aussies James Marsden and illustrated by Shaun Tan. Fantastic illustration and basically a great picture book about the arrival of rabbits into a fictitious land that they end up taking over. I'm not really explaining it very well, but there's a cool description at the bottom of this entry.

I discovered Shaun Tan when I was wandering around the bookstores in Brisbane and picked up "The Red Tree", another great illustrated book, lots of funky illustrations about this girl who pretty much is depressed with the world.

- Got to hear the director, Robert Rodriguez talk (Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Desperado, etc.), that was very cool. He's doing some film called 'Sin City'.

- Saw Jude Law and Giovanni Ribisi ... need I say any more? Yum.


- Picked up Invader Zim. Hilarious stuff. The usual goth stuff was interesting, Roman Dirge, etc. etc. Was cool to see the Japanese character stuff as well.


- Had fun in San Diego hanging out with Stace, Lin and Tomas...

So anyway, it was fun, crazy and totally frenetic. I have to say, my own geekiness aside, there was some major fanatics there. Like i said, very overwhelming and scary.

Here's some pics:

Some obligatory Star Wars stuff ... Boba Fett, my fav as a kid. Doesn't look like it, but this thing is like 6 feet tall.

bobafettcopy.jpg   lk.JPG

007 (Scccchean Connery) hanging in the crowd


Around San Diego

flag.JPG    pint.JPG    spike.JPG

The Rabbits
To read this book requires understanding a little about its background. Originally published (as far as I could ascertain by the nationalities of the author and illustrator) in Australia, the book is about the effects of colonization. As you may recall, rabbits were once a foreign species that was introduced to the Australian wildlife with disastrous results. Devouring the native resources and spreading like mad, both they and cane toads are considered dangerous pests. Taking that idea as a starter, we follow the arrival of civilized rabbits on a vaguely Australian-like land.

The story is told from the point of view of some brown curly tailed spear carrying native animals. As the book begins the native animals say, "At first we didn't know what to think. They looked a bit like us. There weren't many of them". Time passes and more and more rabbits come to the land. They build their own kinds of houses and introduce their own animals. When the native creatures (bush babies, perhaps?) fight back they lose because there are too many rabbits. The rabbits destroy the land and (in the worst and most heart-wrenching scene in the book) they, "Stole Our Children".

Rabbit driven planes fly away with little baby creatures in kites trailing behind as they parents run along the ground, their arms extended. In the end, the land is bare and all the animals are gone. In a final picture, a native creature sits across from a rabbit next to a tiny puddle that reflects the stars, the ground littered with trash. The animals asks, "Who will save us from the rabbits"?

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July 21, 2004

Last Day of Mourning

So yesterday (July 20th) was the last day for mourning (in Buddhist belief) for my grandfather. It's been 100 days after his funeral and burial.

Rest in peace...

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July 18, 2004

Random pieces

Here are some random things I've done in the past, am trying to figure out how to make a photo album, but in the meantime...

Paper Skull
monoprint with chine-colle (sp?)

skull chinecolle.jpg

monoprint with chine-colle


Edinburgh Face

edinburgh face.jpg

Sad and Beautiful World
Drawing/doodle, used whatever was in my desk drawer. Had just seen Down By Law and that saying just stuck in my head.

sad world.jpg

Drunk Dude

drunk dude.jpg

Here Comes The Sun


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Busy Busy Buzz Buzz

Lots goin' on ... so yeah, the "workshop", been getting in my hours, kinda slowly getting into it. It's such a different feel, I had a bit of a bad sesh Thursday (my second time out). Because it's just space and not a proper class, you have to bring all your own supplies (no biggie) but the first couple times going is really an exercise in frustration ... shit! forgot the wax paper ... dammit! I don't have a plexiglass plate ... AHHHHH!($*@$(# there's no plate oil!!! - these are relatively lame, little niddly things that aren't that big of a deal, but when printing certain things, if you don't have them, you. just. can't. print.

I don't know if I'm truly conveying the annoyance of it all but it's like, for lack of a better example ... forgetting the condom.

F***************K!!! (Good lordy I hope my mom isn't reading these blogs).

So anyway, working on some simple stuff right now, just monoprint wipeaways, until I get all sorted. SF seems to have an all time shortage of tint base (which you use to make the inks transparent, I love the stuff ...LOOOOOVVEEEE it ...) which sucks because gotta wait to order it online .. shipping.. time... blah blah. (see condom analogy)

Ok enuff of my frustrations.

What a week ... there are just so many damn creative people in the world, it's amazing and totally overwhelming. Check out Blaine Fontana, I really like his style (faces!! I'm all about faces) and how he subtley sneaks in the Asian/Native American vibe.

Headed over to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF for their Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture and Free Basin exhibit. Damn. I think every single skateboarder in the Bay Area and beyond showed up that night, it was crazy-packed. Such a great energy though, if slightly smooshed into my face and sweating down my arm.



Also checked out this very fun crafts fair from AK Press in Oakland. I wish I had taken some pics, but fergot my camera. Just great handmade stuff, handprinted t-shirts, homemade jewlery, bake sale, and Boobs Not Bombs tees (check out the site, a friend's company, for those endowed and not so endowed). Boobs Not Bush!

Also, have been screenprinting so went to see a pal's screenprinting stuff at the Robot Art, show in Japantown. That place is too cute. I remember when I was little (in Chi-town), me and my sibs used to make fun of all the FOB kiddies in our Chinese school classes because their clothes and stuff were ALWAYS covered with little cutsie animals. Geez, it was everywhere, shirts, shoes, gloves, glasses...

And to think, years and years later, I love the stuff! Go figure.

re·gres·sion (r-grshn) n.
Reversion to an earlier or less mature pattern of feeling or behavior.

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July 13, 2004


So, FINALLY have started printing again. I have to do 15 hours supervised time at the workshop before I'm given the key 24/7. The place is really cool, it's in a huge warehouse down near the Bay (Portrero Hill area), three floors of just HUGE space. It's great though because when you walk in, there's just a huge hallway and behind each door is a totally different thing - Aikido, Printing company, Bakery!

Auhhhhhhhhh ... bakery (industrial bakery). It's right across from the workshop .. torture! Lovely cinnamon and chocolate smells.


So yeah, working on the next print, it's me and Tom (awwwww... I couldn't think of anything at that very moment to do, everything was all new so I just starting scribbling). It'll be a monoprint wipeaway, I'm kinda thinking lots of blacks and blues, maybe standing in the rain or something, it's kinda dark. I like it.

Here's a sketch of the general pic:

tomandshirl.jpg .jpg

But also, at the same time, I think I'm going to work on another face. It's going to be loosely based on the pic below (my nephew ... I was playing around with the camera and taking all these distorted pics of him). I'm thinking of doing an old Chinese face/man, in the same pose. Maybe some chine colle (sp?) of Chinese newspapers, words, signs.


Ha, like this one (I think he actually ended up licking the camera (ewe) ... sorry getting all familial here ...


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