August 21, 2004

Western Australia... what's on the menu...

Fisheads, fisheads, yummy yummy fisheads...fisheads, fisheads eat them up YUM!





Tastes just like chicken





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August 13, 2004

"Give me a P!"

Two entries in one day!
(It must mean I'm waiting for the day to end so I can go on vacation ...)

Just giving a shout out for my little man (nephew) because he's finally potty-trained!! (No I didn't include a peeing picture (I would if I had thought about it), but I've seen it and it's so cute! ... him and his little peanut).


Ok enuff of this mush .... apologies for the cavity-inducing entry.

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Get the Skinny

Ok so now I'm all into t-shirt printing!! It's just such a cool concept that you can print whatever you want (your designs, pictures, whatever!) onto clothes, bags ... plus San Francisco is such a great place to just handmake things and sell them because of all the street fairs, little boutiques, shows, etc.

Check out Paula's fantastic site (she's the instructor of sorts at the MCC).

Some designs of hers that I really like ...

mushroomeyshirt.jpg    lovelyredshirt.jpg

Printed stockings!


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August 06, 2004


In total state of excitement.

Heading out to Australia, 'Oz' (geez I hope that's how you spell it), to Perth to hang out with my most fav people in the world (Tomas/Jon, (and meeting fantastic girlfriend Emi for first time)/Dave/Mary/Bjorn). Leaving next Friday and am seriously going to go bonkers in the meantime .. can't wait!!

Perth is touted as "the most isolated city in the WORLD" and is located on the far west side of Australia. I've been to the other 'Perth', northern Scotland, ... can't wait to check out this 'Perth' as well.


We'll be zipping through Auckland/New Zealand on the connection to Perth for a grand total of 23 hours flying ... whew! I won't go into too much detail about it now because ONE - ain't there yet and TWO - haven't got a clue what it's going to be like (but have sneaking suspicion is similar to SF - if it's anything like the East Coast of Australia). And winter has just finished so weather will no doubt be like SF too, but heading north as well so lots of sun and sand to be had by all.

Onward to the crafty stuff ... wanted to make something for the trip so ended up designing and screenprinting some t-shirts for the guys and dolls. Just finished the guys shirts and will finish up with the gals stuff tomorrow. I'm pretty happy with them, SO much easier then printmaking. You basically draw your image, ink it onto a piece of plastic or acetate, prepare the screen with emulsion, flash the image onto the screen and print! (as many times as you want) Easy peasy.

Screenprinting has been mucho fun, there's this great place in the Mission (Mission Cultural Center) that is just a complete lively, creative hub. Every time I drop in there, there's rooms with people tango-ing, making huge colorful papier-mache masks, panting, printing and making tons of fantastic music and noise. (I can't wait til the place gets hopping with people making stuff for The Day of the Dead).

Take a gander ... (my camera's not that great, a little blurry but you get the idea)

This is the image I drew out

Guy's tees

Gal's tees

Just need to go heat set it to make sure it stays on (methinks this means ironing it) ... then done!

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Didja hear about the 1500-lb rodent they found in Venezuela?? ... uh, yeah, me either BUT I did just find out that my friend Carin did the illustration for the article about it!

Check out her lovely drawing ...


It was on Scientific American, NPR, front page New York Times, BBC ... she's so cool!!

Oh yeah, and here's the the New York Times article.

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August 02, 2004

This is what dreams are made of

Tint base came at last... all my dreams fulfilled.

Stay tuned.

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