September 22, 2004

Warm fuzzy

So I'm officially brain dead from lack of sleep and iron-freaking-deficiency (long story). But thought I'd put in a little something here since it's been a while.

So yeah, my masks didn't make it into the show that I had submitted it to. I was a little bummed, (oh the sting of rejection! ha) but ultimately ok because let's a face it, I just started doing this!

So I actually went to the show last Sat with a friend of mine and not to be a beeyyootch, but yippee! I was so happy to see that it wasn't that great. It was small and well, the stuff was ok, but it wasn't 'all that'.

Oh joy of joys.

But then again, maybe I sucked so much as to not even be good enuff to get in a sucky show.



On the Ying of that Yang, went to a printmaking open studio where a lot of the CA printmakers were exhibiting and *sigh* it was nice that everyone I ran into who knew me asked where my stuff was and when it would be exhibited.

Warm fuzzy.

Am still working on my masterpiece of a collograph plate. Should be ready to start printing it in about a month or so. Am going to be cyptic, (it's a present), but having probs figuring out the intricacies of what a dragon looks like. And let's just say, scales are a bitch.

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September 15, 2004

Weed, California

So I'm back to the art stuff again, going big. Am in the process of 'building' a collograph plate, which will prob take me about 3 months to do before I can print it. I've been told it looks 'ambitious', but I'm excited.

Not giving much detail about it because it's a present sooooo, instead I'll write about Crater Lake! Went camping there over the Labor Day weekend. What a place, it's this HUGE lake that was created in a crater of a volcano eruption in southern Oregon. It's pretty amazing how many volcanos there are in Northern CA/Southern OR. Anyway, the last time this volcano (Mt. Mazama) erupted, a lake was formed.

The water is crystal blue, I'm talking Caribbean blue and clear. There wasn't any 'natural' habitat growing in the lake when it first formed so they introduced trout, salmon, etc.

Take a gander

crater lake.jpg


Half the fun was also the roadtrip up north through the fantastic small towns - 8 hours from San Francisco, 4.5 hours from Portland. And yes, Weed, CA. I know, lame ... but how can you go through without taking pics? Eh? You try.


motel.jpg    pump.jpg

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September 08, 2004

How about them apples ...

I just really like this quote from Stephen Fry:

"I wish I could say that there was a kind of logical consistency and a plan of attack in my life. There never has been and I don't suppose there ever will be. I kind of amble through the orchard of life, and if there's a tree with a particularly interesting fruit on it, I'll go and try it. Sometimes they're delicious, and sometimes they make you throw up, and sometimes you get addicted to them and can't stop and have to persuade yourself to move on to the next tree, as it were."

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September 07, 2004

Western Round Up

So it's taken about 2 weeks for me to figure out what country I'm in, what day it is and what meal I should eat!

Western Australia, what a place. Instead of going on about the trip and inundating this blog (which is still suppose to be an art blog) with details, I'll just give a little laundry list of my favs:

- Scuba diving at Coral Bay/Ningaloo Reef - WOW. Seeing the sharks (nurse and gray reef shark), snorkelling with the 5ft+ manta ray, seeing the huge sea turtles in the santuary.


- The Pinnacles. Spooky/creepy/cool.


- Zoo stuff - holding the chubby wombat, riding the lumpy camel, seeing the albino roos.


- Food - trying kangaroo (meaty and thick!), crocodile (looks like fish, pink fat, tastes ... muscley), the Krishna cafe (good Indian food!)


- Tropic of Capricorn.


And this one's for Crafty Kath - my two minutes in Narita Airport/Japan in transit from Singapore to San Francisco, running to catch the flight ... damn I look horribbblee in this pic.


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