October 22, 2004


Here's an update of the groovy Indian (curry, not teepee) elephant...

The whole thing:


The middle:


In progress (all over my living room floor):


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October 16, 2004

In pieces ... in progress

Among all the other projects, have started a groovy Indian elephant mosaic for a friend of mine. Three hour's worth of work, millions of glass shards and four cuts to the hand later ...


Close up of the head (my fav so far)


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October 08, 2004

Ole Nessie

Wow, lots going on.

Haven't put an entry in a while because just been living life and haven't had any time to write about it! This is going to be an art update, but I forgot to take a picture of my collograph plate. I decided that the actual print is going to look SO completely different then the plate, that it'd be fine to post my progress... except I forgot to take a picture. oops.

But am progressing with my dragon, have been working with molding paste for the knarly fins and scales. I should probably explain what a collograph plate is before going on more about it. Basically I chose to do it this way because you build these great collograph plates and it's all about textures. What gets printed is a huge mystery because you can't really tell what textures are going to print and what don't.

Here's a description I found online:

A Collograph is a collage of tactile and relief textures on a backing board which, when inked and printed, will exaggerate the relief and transmit it to the damp paper creating a rich and varied surface.

Different tonal effects and vibrant colour is also achieved because of the depth of relief and consequent shadow effects and the differential inking that results from the highly textured surface

This guy does some cool ones, usually they're abstract (I'm discovering that a lot of monoprinting is abstract. Huh. I'm not into doing abstract so this should be interesting).

Am excited, molding paste is cooool.

And just for shits and giggles, here's some Loch Ness pics from a weekend Scotland in Inverness jaunt ...




Congrats Rich & Debs!


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