December 31, 2004

My First Twenty

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce ....I sold my first print!

Well, actually, my first six prints! I can't believe someone actually laid down some moolah for my stuff, still buzzing about it. Disbelief.

Every December the CCSF has a Student Art Sale. I've been taking monoprinting there for about 4 semesters and never had a chance to make these sales because I was always traveling in the Fall and never had anything to submit ... ugh.

But this year, I got off my ass and finally put in about 20 prints then rushed off to New Zealand. I put in stuff that I had extra, extra prints, editions, stuff I just didn't want anymore and they were priced from about $15 - $50 each. To be honest, I didn't think anyone would buy the stuff because it was really a hodgepodge of stuff.

One print was an etching that I did of a group of friends T and I had. I was basically playing with mixing etching and monoprinting and decided just to draw out (sort of illustrated) our friends. Picture it, 6 random people on a print. But...IT SOLD! Not only one but BOTH! Ha! Makes me laugh to think that someone has these prints hung up somewhere in their house of me, T and 4 of our Edinburgh friends. Random.

All in all, all the prints I sold were of my drawings and characters (nice feeling considering that's the direction I'm heading in). I even sold a print for $50 (?!)... nearly fell over delirious at that one.

And before anyone thinks that I'm rushing off to try to do this all the time...

I only made $185.

Better keep the day job.

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December 27, 2004

Naughty Santa's Black Market

Ok, Naughty Santa's Black Market ... a friend (Jen) and myself decided, on a pure whim, to start designing and hand-screen print t-shirts. Yeah, on. a. whim. So this was our "official" coming out sale.


So.Much.Fun! We did really well considering it was our first time out - sold about 20 shirts which was fantastic! Stay tuned for our next batch... Jen's designs are the box boy and scribble girl, I just did one - the umbrella guy (5 colors=5 screens...ouch!)

It was 4pm - Midnight on a Sunday nite (woof!) down in San Francisco. The naughtiness of it all came out at 8pm - midnight (which included fab-u-lous transvestites on stage, and dramatic stilt-walkers galore).

Our wares





Jen in drag (there were hats that had wigs sewn on into them?!)


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December 14, 2004

New Zealand

It's been ages since I've blogged on here. Ahhh ... Fall/Autumn. I love it. Just feels cozy, but it's always crazy busy for me between the work traveling and this year, all the sales and holiday stuff. But I still love it.

So run down, just got back a week ago from New Zealand ... so amazing. So green and gorgeous. Since this isn't a vacation blog, I'll just post some pics, but it was quite an adventure ... *wow*. We did mostly the North Island, lots of diving at Poor Knights Island and White Volcano (just outside the volcano). Tried splunking for the first time, what a crazy rush, and topped it off with some kayaking at Abel Tasman in the South Island and some biking.

Tried to do some "tramping" but somehow we both managed to get horrendously sick (me - food poisoning and puking, t - stomach aches and pains) for our planned big hikes, but at least we made it to the sites and could see the scenery by car.





What a place of such extreme differences - one minute you can be in the cold mountains, the next in tropical gorgeous beaches. Great place to scuba dive, cave/splunking, kayak and just be outside!

Random shots...






And of course ... my FAV travel partner ...


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