January 28, 2005


I'm having a dilemma here. Well, a few.

I like lists, let me make a list of my dilemmas: (and for the record, I realize that having a di-lemma means just two lemmas and I, in fact, have many lemmas on this list.)

1) Keep art blog that no one reads, however provides some place for me to gather and report what I'm doing so as to occasionally send to friends to update them on my life?

2) Make this just a me blog and not an art blog cuz, let's face it, I do more of other things then art 7 times a week.

3) Give up on my master piece of a collograph plate because it's turned into a monster. It's built but the coloring part is a nightmare, and not the funny running-from-large-purple-fanged-bunnies kind.

4) Make this a spoofchicken related site?

- tangent - there's a guy singing outside, it's very nice. He's doing scales. Lovely baratone.

5) Do etchings instead of monoprints? Expand my horizons?


I'm in a quandry. (After watching some choice British film lately, I've decided that I'm going to work on my English (not Engrish), in the way I say things and how I say them. Lots more Word-of-The-Day vocab and polysyllabic words. By the end of the month of Feb, I should sound like a poxy British yah.) Huzzah!

Well I was going to put in a pic here of me in a quandry but my camera ran out of batteries.

Lemma #6) end this pathetic entry or go get some double a's?


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January 06, 2005

Pulling the Elephant Together

I'm done!

Well, almost, still have to mortar it, but for the most part, this is what it's gonna look like (you'll just have to imagine the sweet black mortar filling).




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