March 31, 2005

Now Available in San Francisco!


spoofchicken is now at the Artist's X-Change store in San Francisco.


3169 16th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tues-Fri: 12-9PM
Sat: 10-9PM
Sun: 10-8PM
Mon: closed
Phone: 415-864-1490
Fax: 415-864-1848

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March 27, 2005

my boys

Am working on some random small prints of boys, kinda inspired by my nephew. There are 4 so far, all different angles, all different colors.

Here's two...

Sweet and curious


Devilish and bratty


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March 18, 2005

New Feature

Remember how I was trying to figure out how to make photo albums on this thing? ... well, I never did figure it out BUT Tom did! - what a whizkid.

Photo Albums online

Unfortunately, it's not linked right to this blog, you have to get to it through the main site (hit the "art" button), but it has updates of art stuff and pictures.

Check it out!

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March 17, 2005

Some new prints

It's been a while since I've posted some new prints, my prints are getting a little more complicated these days so they're taking longer to make... (is this growth?!?! ha.)

Bus Stop
Multidrop monoprint
It's not done yet, but here's where I'm at so far. I want to do a series of people near or on public transport or standing by shops.

bus stop boy.jpg

I'm also doing a series of old family photos. My sis found a bunch while they were cleaning up my parent's house (for retirement!) I LOVE these photos, they are so beautiful.

Another time. Another place.

I look at my parents and think - Who are these people? It's just so nice to see them in a different light.

Little Mom
Photo transfer with multiple monoprint drop
I just love the expression on my mom's face. She looks so pained to be at school or wherever she is.

mom photo transfer.jpg

Actual Photo

I have two more drying on the racks, I'll post them next week when I'm done coloring them. I basically transferred the photo image onto a monoprint and then laid in the color bit by bit.

I just really love these pictures.

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March 15, 2005

Poster Child

Wha hey! My poster got chosen for the film festival! How cool is that. I don't get paid (although I did get a St. Patrick's Day cupcake thankyouverymuch), but that's ok ... I've always wanted to do a poster.

My cupcake

It'll be cool just to see it in print. Coming May 20, 2005 ...City Shorts Film Festival

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March 14, 2005

In Stores Now!


Yea!! Am shipping off our shirts to YES Clothing and SaySay in Portland!


We sent out our Box Boy shirts (in men's) in black and Umbrella Boy (in women's) in 4 different colors! Check it out (if you're in Portland - Dee that means you!)

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That's me.

Spent the entire weekend printing t-shirts, probably about 12 hours worth ... my brain is numb from the placing, inking, printing, wash, [repeat]...

At moments it felt like what it did when I was little and forced to practice piano. It would be sunny and gorgeous outside, I could hear the birds chirping and the people playing and I was confined to be inside - dark and shadowy - doing scales. Only this time, it was inside placing, inking, printing, wash, [repeat]. What made it worse is that Jen's apt is on Nob Hill where the trolleys go past so I could hear the *ding*ding* of the trolley and all the people laughing outside.

Must be what Alcatraz is like.

(Ha, I'm such a drama queen.)

But the good news is they're DONE! Just have to figure out the COD at USPS and all the shipping to and fro. I will be SO estatic when I hand these packages over to the post office man tomorrow. Es-freakin-static.

In other news, I finished the movie poster! Yippee! I really need to learn how to use Photoshop. This 'pull it out of my ass' is only getting me so far.

Kinda looks like Frankenstein-Does-Poster-Advertisement, dunnit?


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March 07, 2005


Seems to be a trend here, whenever I'm sick, I get bouts of creativity. Maybe it's because I'm so bored at home laying around and phlegmating...

So, yes, I'm sick again. I noticed the last time I was sick was my Feb 11 entry, this must be a monthly malaise. The culprit this time was a biz trip I had to take to Perrysburg, Ohio. Actually, to be more specific, the Holiday Inn off the Ohio Turnpike (Exit #64). What an exciting life I lead.


Left Thursday at 5am, got there at 5pm (via Chicago and a rental car). Went to the conference at 7am (who starts a conference that early?!?) and got back home to SFO at 11pm.


Ok, but enough of that, lots of stuff happening. I feel another list coming on...

1) Look for us...spoofchicken will be in stores! Two boutiques downtown, to be exact, in Portland, OR - Yes and SaySay. Crazy! Jen and I can't believe it, and to be honest, we're both slightly freaked out because all of the sudden, we actually have official customers! It's now a mad rush to make this into a semi-business (business cards? ...we need business cards?!)

It was so great though, we went up to visit my friend Dee (thanks again for amazing hospitality) and just roamed around the shops with samples of our shirts. I didn't think anyone would actually put in an order! But everyone was so amazingly friendly and Portland has such an amazing 'up-and-coming' kind of vibe, it was a perfect place to start. So stay tuned ... I'll post up some pics once we send out the orders.

2) Web-design. Somehow me, T and J have gotten into web design (??) There is this amazing artist who is a climbing pal of T's. He does cartoneria, (cartoneria is the art of sculpting using paper, wire and tubing. It is the art form widely practised through out South America), and creates the most amazing skeletons, animals, shapes, etc. He is very popular around the Bay Area and it was time, he needed an artist's website, so viola! we're making him one! Bizarre.

3) So this is the year of weddings (well, to be honest, the last 5 years have been the years of weddings). I know it annoys my friends , but I -hate- getting gifts off the registry. Can't help it, just don't want to be known as the pal that bought Item #38 at Pottery Barn - Drape holders. So instead one of the projects I'm working on is designing a wedding website for some friends getting married in April. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I figure, if they like it, whahey! it's all good. And it's simple. Simple is good.


4) City College of San Francisco Film Festival. And so, the last thing that I'm really excited about is this film festival happening in SF for CC students. It's a shorts festival and one of my art classmates teaches in the film dept. Apparently they need a poster so she asked if I could make one. So now I'm in a rush to try to come up with something, but I'm totally excited because I've always wanted to make a poster. Who knows if it'll get chosen, but it's been fun trying to come up with ideas.

Stay tuned.

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