May 25, 2005

Damn Thing's Stuck!

So, a little bit of a sad night last night ... my last day of printing class : ( - since we're moving to London. It was really productive though! Did a super-duper fast multiple-drop monoprint with multiple passes of a couple of linocuts of groovy images (it's a party scene!) HURRAH!

I *would* post it but my stupid digital camera is completely and utterly stuck ... the lens won't open! Blast! I also have prints of the huge project (Phoenix & Dragon) from decades (feels like it) back. That print turned into quite a legend.

After taking 3 months building it, it took about 2 months to figure out how to ink the monster and then another 3 months to get some viable prints (thank you Mike) because a pal in class decided I was being pathetic and useless in class and asked to color it for me! The plate actually got passed around TWICE, to another classmate.

Plate slut.

But in the end, I can't post it because my camera doesn't work, leaving anyone reading this blog to use their own imaginative powers.

I really like the print I did last night though, it's very colorful. I've been stressed beyond belief because there's been so much happening, but it was so fun/calming just to let loose and do a multiple-drop last night. I'll probably submit it into the show in October so check it out then!

Just about to rush off to another wedding (this time in Italia), but just one note on Indian weddings since we just went to one this past weekend.


So colorful with the gorgeous saris, music, dancing, yummy FOOD! and all the ceremonies. It's just so cool to watch al the guests get into the dancing (older family members, EVERYONE!) Usually when you go to a regular wedding, all the kids/younger crew are all over the place and all the older relatives just sort of fox-trot around, but this was great to see everyone just letting loose into a sort of Indian mosh-pit. Loved it!

So congrats to Sandeep and Ruby!

But pictures possibly coming soon, pending camera re-function ...

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May 17, 2005


Wow, it's been a while. So many projects all happening at once!

So here's my finished Kira y Mario's Save the Date (minus some color, I ran out of time!), Kira added her finishing touches - stay tuned for her final version!


Judy's Address Card is done too!
I changed the details to protect the innocent : }


Am currently working on my sister's fantastic (229+ pager) book of travels and on some logo design ... so much fun!

On a side note, I'll be in my VERY FIRST ART SHOW in San Francisco in October! More details to come, but it will be part of the city wide Open Studios and I think I'll be showing 4-5 pieces at the Market Street Gallery. Check it out if you're in SF in October - take pics too cuz I won't be in SF anymore after July : (

Last note - the CCSF poster is all over the campus, the film festival is this weekend (May 20th - Friday). Check it out if you're free - a mere $2 donation!

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