July 27, 2005


Check out spoofchicken's first photoshoot!

We're finally getting our website in shape (yea! Jen) and have been spending the last few weeks taking product shots, I've added a few to this entry.

A few shout outs:

Muchisimo thank yous to Jay Ganaden of Jay Studios for taking these Dawson-creekesque model shots (we won't hold it against him!)

Also thanks to all our gorgeous sexy models - Tomas, Mario, Patricia, Vincent, Cindy, Ron and Carin!

Stay tuned, these will all be up on our site very soon!

Here are some of my product shots:

scribbly_slate.jpg   scribbly_red_w03.jpg

um_blk_w05.jpg   um_brn_or_w04.jpg

boxboy_slate_m02.jpg   scribbly_brn_w05.jpg

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July 22, 2005

SF Open Studios - Prep

Getting ready for the October Open Studios at the Market Street Gallery. Have been trying to figure out how to frame the pieces (there'll be about 10 pieces up!)

Still bummed that I won't be able to attend my first opening EVER, but so glad Jen's agreed to step in for me AND we get to sell spoofchicken with some tees as well .. booya!

The framing part is really cool, trying to figure out how to exhibit the prints. Dunno if I quite have the right 'look', wanted something a bit 'dirtier', but these seem to work pretty well.

Check em out. There'll be a full photo album on all the Market Street Gallery set up shots as well.

Hmmm ... how to frame?


Market Street Gallery - the space

mk_space.jpg   mk_wall.jpg

The Local Keepers

mk_gray.jpg   mk_black.jpg

Some Pieces To Be Displayed





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