September 18, 2005

between black and white

Haven't blogged in a while, mostly cuz was at an artistic standstill, was too busy moving boxes from Point A to Point B, then Point B to Point C... yug.

Something that I've noticed about the UK (so far), it's gray, and grey. The colors here are so muted, the sky, the grass, the buildings, the people. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that I think the people are depressed or that the surroundings are depressing ... more like the feel of the place is gray and it sort of osmosises (is that a word?) into everything.

It's as if there were a Master Color Dial, and someone went to the UK screen and turned the Saturation Dial down to the left about 10 points.

There are times when I love the grayness, like now, it's about 6:30pm on a Sunday afternoon and the sky has this beautiful gray light - clear and crisp, but saturated 10 points. It's the ultimate feeling of cozy-ness.

I find myself wanting to wear bright colors just to so that I can contrast against the background - bring out the reds! yellows! oranges! Hmmm, gotta go shopping...

I think I'm going to start doing that when I start to travel - think about the palette of colors around me and try to pick out what the main color 'theme' is. If anything, it's an interesting visual exercise.

Posted by slin at 10:25 AM