October 21, 2005


Did I spell that right? I remember getting the book by Franz Kafka, thinking that it would be this cool description about a man who wakes up one day and is a cockroach (was it a cockroach? a beetle?), but when I started reading it, it was kinda boring cuz all the guy did was go "huh?", "ugh", "naaah", "I'm a bug".

He didn't really do anything but just move his legs! Heck, if I woke up one morning as a beetle, I'd be buzzing around trying my wings out! Figure 8's all around! I'd do a fly-by the White House! I'd whirl around and pick up some hot guy in my pinchers and scale the Golden Gate Bridge like King Kong!

I digress.

I'm currently working on a redesign of this blog, seeing as I'm non-parto arte at the moment (loosely translated from Latin - "I ain't doing any art right now, ok?!") Kinda hard to have an arty site when there's no arty substance.

I've decided that clouds are going to be my theme for the new design. I figure - London, England, gray/grey, rain = clouds. Plus, I love clouds ... not for the fluffy, white angel-like thing that most people do, but because I love when they turn all gray and foreboading ... like right when it's about to hail or drop a ton of rain on your head. Then 2 minute later, they're gone. Big gray ghosts stopping by for a pee. Good stuff.

The title of entry is more for the fact that I have no idea what I'm going to do with this blog in the upcoming months. There will be a change, but just not sure what it will be. More art? Life in London? Porfolio site? ...

Who know, maybe in 3 months or so I'll buzz by your house and pick you up in my pinchers and we'll go sit on Golden Gate Bridge. Won't that be fun?

Posted by slin at 08:28 AM