February 27, 2006

something tim burton about it


*local fishing nets in alleppey

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sleeping beauty


*green island, off the coast of taiwan

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geek de fleur

I think I'm getting old... other than the growing increase in knee creaks and a sudden desire to only drink hot water (lemon optional), I've started taking pictures of flowers.

Yeah, flowers.

I'm so ashamed. (But in my defense, I have absolutely f**k all clue what they're called.)


This GDF habit started about 3 years ago, mebbe ... and it's gotten worse.
Now it's not just flowers, it's any type of plant life. Ugh.

Share the shame at Taipei Flower Market Fix.


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February 23, 2006

out my window

This is what I see..

drop_window.jpg   window_drops.jpg

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February 21, 2006

five degrees celcius

It's snowing in London.

Not enough to stick, or even generate a sugary dusting, but it's falling down. Not the flurry Chicago-winter stuff, but more wet and damp.

Hail with a soft side.

sl_snow.jpg    s_snow.jpg   

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February 03, 2006

We Now Continue With Our Regularly Scheduled Program


I'm back, I have no idea what I'm going to do with this site, but I did hear through the grapevine that there's a pretty interesting screenprinting scene in London, specifically for shirts/textiles, that kind of thing. Good to hear.

London is flippin' COLD! I'm working on five layers of clothes at the moment, simultaneously all poking out at obtuse tangents and angles. It's like, sheesh ... I dunno 4 degrees Celcius which is like ... uhh, ... carry the 9, divided by 5 ...add 32???... equals COLD.

That actually has been a funny thing, measuring systems here. I thought I had it all covered, I'd traveled, I knew kilos, stones, metres... but I discovered, actually, no - I don't. Did a little exploratory grocery shopping the other day in the 'ethnic area' (which basically means THE BEST place to go eat/shop in London, you don't get stuck in the strips of Costa cafes and Tescos) and I discovered that weight here, for say ... buying chicken or whatever, is in kilos. Ugh. 2.3 kilos to a pound, right? Good lord, where's my protractor, my compass, my sliding scale...

The fantastic thing is that there is a whole SLEW of 'ethnic' shops right around the corner from the apt here in North London, AND the majority are Turkish!! Fantastic! I have never ventured into the Turkish food world before but just roaming through the grocery stores has been like an intro to a whole new tastebud! The only little hiccup in my grocery-heaven-fantasy shopping spree was that I managed to really, royally and exuberantly embarass myself IN the ONE shop that I had been planning to be MY local shoppe internationale vegeta-ble.

I think I was distracted, I'm sure I was. I was roaming, reading and oohing at all the lovely Turkish bread and sheer variety of olives... but I needed olive oil, so I went to get some. Tom was in line, about to be next at the till so there was a little bit of urgency. I casually choose a nice glass bottle of oil with my left hand, clutching a spongey Turkish loaf in the other hand and saunter towards to till... and before I know it, fast forward ... my foot gets stuck on a box of some sort of purplish vegetation with green leaves (let's just call it Turkish eggplant), sitting on the floor... I do a full-on, full-length, horizontal bodyspread across through the air, past oh ... 10 people waiting in line, ... bracing for my landing which included the mandatory shattering of glass, followed by full-body impact with the oil (200mL if you're keeping track), bread and tile. If only I had a few springs of basil, I could have had a lovely Italian snack on the floor.

I eventually was able to stand up, drenched in a pungent oily-congelated mixture (think pesto dip without the pesto, but with glass shards and the unidentified aforementioned purple vegetation). If I had been more with it, I would have clapped my hands once - loudly - and exclaimed - "Hoopa!" but as it was, I just apologized profusely in my nasally American accent, stared at the oily mess and trudged to the back to wash it all off, certain that I had just successfully reinforced the common British belief that Americans are loud, clumsy donkeys.

Oh well. God Save The Queen.

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