April 30, 2006

special purpose

So our flat in London has lots of white space, since we didn't really bring a whole heckuva lot with us from SF except the bare essentials ... underwear, ("pants" if you're a Brit), toothbrush, George Foreman Grill... I've decided that all my projects for the print class I just started last week in London will be geared towards making posters/wallpaper for the walls. That'll be my Special Purpose.

Speaking of walls, went to see a very cool play, The Wolves in the Walls last night by the National Theatre of Scotland (nice) by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean.


Always great to see the Goths and kiddies enjoying a little live entertainment together ...

Also headed down to Spitalfields today with my sis. I feel bad for saying this, but slightly overrated... that may be because it was SO flippin' CROWDED! Much preferred the Sunday[Up]Market a little bit down the road. Just had a lot more handmade, do-it-yerself kinda stuff. Also a great little area to play carrom, or sit and have a little Ethopian coffee break.

Ended up getting some cool t-shirts (and yeah, overpriced considering it was the run-of-the-mill screenprinted stuff) but that's o.k. helping out the locals!

Was a cute little booth called Specific Flavour, lots of screenprinted bags, cloth, hodgepodge stuff, my fav is Orvar.


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April 28, 2006


This entry is about absolutely nothing except the fact that I was looking through old digital photos searching for a specific picture and I came across three random shots of my hand.

Isn't it amazing how having instant-gratification-digital-camera-shooting just allows the average schmoe (me) to take the most non-sensical pictures JUST because we can? Hmmm... my hands look quite manly don't they? I swear they're not! (The last one looks like a corpse hand).


hand02 (1).JPG

hand02 (2).JPG

On an artistic note (finally!) I'm starting to do some linocuts. Still in the formulating stages, but hope to make/build a holder/linoleum platform/anti-plate slider thing when I get back to San Francisco.

Enuff with the carving stabs and wounds already.

Some old reductive linocuts, my first attempt a few years back.

redmaskblack.jpg   yellow.jpg   maskredorange.jpg

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April 20, 2006


Check out my cool tortuga...

My friend Dave made it out of a London Underground tube map last night.


I'm going to name him Tottenham Turtlehead.

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April 18, 2006


Thank you all 5 people out there that actually read this blog and emailed me about my last entry. I feel much better, spidge has sprouted and I'm no longer in that place. Although the List of People I Intensely Dislike At This Moment is growing longer.

I was thinking about this, are there people in the world whom you really and truly hate? So aptly stated in a recent movie I saw, are there actually people in the world who you "wouldn't piss on even if they were on fire by the side of the road"?

I have to honestly say, that there isn't anyone I know that I truly hate like that (although many I wouldn't mind emptying a full bladder on). My problem is that I can't hold a grudge for very long, it's too tiring and I just can't be bothered at the end of the day. I think for you to truly hate someone, some little part of you has to actually care about them and for me, it's just easier to wash my hands of it and just forget about it. I think that's why the shig never sticks, (ok, I need to stop making up words).

Having said that, there are people in my world that skip very easily between love and a lesser form of hate. I suppose the usual suspects are your significant other, family, siblings and those people on your short list. I guess that's when you know you truly care about someone, when they piss you off so much you want to spit and at any other moment, instant warm fuzzy. I guess it's just when some part of you cares enough to care, good or bad.

I suppose though, in a way, it's actually a complement if someone hates you because at least there's an emotion there. They 'care' enough to want to poke out your eyes with a short, blunt object or boil your lower intestines in oil - still attached.

Apathy, while less painful, would be so much sadder, eh?

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April 13, 2006


Ever have one of those days where you just feel like complete and utter spidge? Sporgue? Mixamatosis?

The regular adjectives just don't cut it, so I've decided I'm going to compile words and semi-invent my own.

Words That Sound Like How I Feel
fecund (this is actually a nice word but it sounds like it's 'bad' doesn't it?)
anal fissue
detached retina

Words That I Made Up That Sound Like How I Feel

Have a lovely day.

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April 09, 2006

primo espana

Twelve years ago.

That's the last time I was in Madrid, studying espanol, (I still remember trying to explain baseball and a 'bull pen' in my mangled Spanish in front of the class... I definitely lost them in translation when they couldn't understand why "the man that throws the ball" had to exercise in a "space for bulls" )... oh well.

Oh, actually I was there very briefly 9 years ago when my Aunt Charo was ill. She was an amazing artist and so sweet and kind (and made the BEST tortilla Spanish-style), my uncle's house is filled with portraits and pictures of her.

These two are my favorite:

charo.JPG   charo02.JPG

This entry is going to be a bit familial since we buzzed over to Madrid again this week por mi primo's (Jorge) wedding - Spanish/Chinese-style. I love hanging out with my family and relatives, (my 92-year old super cute grandmother, Aunt #5 and hubbie and all the Spanish family) converging in fantastic travel locales.

I forgot how much fun Spain is although the 11pm dinners were killer. Eating that late just seemed so hard... literally falling asleep in your sopa! I don't understand how the Spanish masses aren't all 200 pounds+ by defying the "don't eat after 8pm" rule. Astounding. I definitely OD'd on the paella, but have rediscovered jamon - yum!

(vegetarians and vegans please avert your eyes)

ham03.JPG   ham.JPG

One of the things that I love about Spain is the vibrant colors that they use in art. We went into this beautiful cathedral and instead of the traditional dour, yet highly respectable and religious, stained glass and religious decor, it was BUZZING with the most amazing intricate, colorful and modern designs!

church02.JPG   a closer look


And on a smaller note, met Machu and Picchu...

face.jpg   picchu.jpg

Far too many pictures to post, will set up a photo album.

Congrats to Jorge y Cristina!


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April 04, 2006

global wetting

It's always great to go back to San Francisco, get my fill of sushi, see the pals, catch up on Bay Area living, but something weird is happening. A sort of Twilight Zone occurence, if I didn't know any better, I'd think London and SF have traded weather patterns.

Consider this, apparently in the last month of March, San Francisco had approximately 24 DAYS OF RAIN!? That's 24 out of 31 days, or for the more statistically minded - 75% of March was wet.

You can tell it's depressing the masses, not only has everyone somehow contracted a virus (last I heard, there are 15 different kinds floating around *at*this*moment* in SF), but some people are actually busting out their SAD lights! I didn't even know they existed outside of Buffalo-NY, Aberdeen-Scotland and uhhh Somewhere-Norway.

What is going on here?

On the flip side, it's been blindingly sunny in London since I got back. I forgot what it's like to miss Spring and how exciting it is when the sun does come out and flowers actually claw their way out of the cold, hard, gray/grey ground.

Gobs of people - families, kids, dogs - all basking in the sun, reading in the park, strolling through the shops. Bare knees and arms are starting to show...

It's like I left San Francisco to go to... well... San Francisco.

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