May 26, 2006

funny things come out at 3am (still jetlagged)


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May 25, 2006

what's in a nome

I know very little about movable type except for the 3 commands I use when posting an entry.

I was trying to figure out how to get rid of all the bizillion archives and noticed that I can post an entry using Nome Standard Time (NST), ... whahey! check. that. [x] box.

Nerdy aside, "Nome" was actually a cartographic screw up, what the guy had originally wrote down was "Name?", as in - what is the name of this place, what should I name this place, does this place have a name? But due to the messy handwriting, "name?" became "Nome" forever and evermore, amen.

Fascinating, innit?


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May 23, 2006

double entendre

So I'm jetlagging. I've been up since 4am, which usually happens. The good thing is that this is the time when I think, and consequently, the ideas come out. I did this a lot in SF too, something about pre-dawn ...

I Fear For The Immigrants

I've been rolling that in my head for the past few weeks, and it's inspired me to start on a few prints, probably mixed screen and linocut. For some reason I am REALLY looking forward to carving out some linoleum, (pent up aggression I think). I didn't get a chance to make my lino-anti-slip wood-thing in SF, but I'll figure something out.

I was staring at my hands, started "coloring" them with a marker, and so, it will start with a fingerprint:




(odd sidenote, I always seem to take pictures when I'm in my pajamas, girly butterfly bottoms eh?)

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May 22, 2006

air sickness

You know how when you do something over and over and OVER again, it loses a bit of it's magic?

Just got back to London from San Francisco, literally just stepped in the door. And it just hit me... the worse has happened, ...

I just flew TO and FROM London in an AISLE SEAT?!? ... THAT I REQUESTED!?!?

I despair.

This is momentous. I hate the aisle seat. I hate the people passing by bumping into your toes and ankles. I hate that the only view you get from the aisle is, the aisle. I hate that everyone and their mother (although I did try to be sympathetic and think of my mother and her bladder needs... the first 3 times) HAS to jump up and go pee RIGHT when you're really getting into a movie (alas, I lost Gwyneth's emotional thread in "Proof" and ended up accidentally canceling the whole movie about 2/3rds into it... oh well, I'll never know what it was like to feel like you're a potentially mentally insane brilliant mathematician like your father, who just discovered the math equivalent to Lucy (the skeleton, not the tv show), even though no one believes you.

It was always window or nuthin'.

What happened?!

What happened to gazing at The Simpsons clouds, looking down to watch birds fly, watching domino patterns of urban traffic, looking at landscapes laze by in slow motion??

I blame business travel.

Repetition breeds familiarity.
Familiarity breeds apathy.
Apathy breeds aisle seating, and worse, by choice (!)

From now on, I only pledge to "A" and "K" and officially banish "C", "D", "H" and it's more unfortunate relations "B", "E", "F" and "G" from my aeropuertic vocabulary.

Of course, this means that I will have to once again maintain SBP - Super Bladder Powers and stay in my window seat for the 10-12 hour journey... but hey, didja ever catch a glimpse of a bird flying backwards from the aisle seat?

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May 19, 2006


Ok, so I'm not one to be all into product, of any kind - hair, body, nails, teeth, etc. etc. BUT I am one, when I discover something really cool, feel the need to pass it on to my fellow friends and beings.

Body Glide


Before you get all smirky about it sounding like KY Jelly of something, go to the link. Body Glide ... discovered it about oh... 5 or 6 years ago when I was training for those insane marathons. The 'on the package label' use is for body chafing, the stuff you get when there's "lots of rubbing due to repetitive motion" (ok, go ahead smirk), but, for runners, this happens because your clothes are rubbing against your arms, feet, legs, NIPS, etc. for miles and miles.

You end up with a nasty, painful red wet welt of angry raw skin. But once you put on a nice smooth coat of Body Glide, (comes in a deodorant-like spreadable container), everything slips and slides like there's no tomorrow.


But this reason alone is not why I heart Body Glide. It's for the other, non-label applications, specifically breaking in new shoes.

You know the drill:

1) Get painful shoes because they look cute/pretty/quirky/were on sale.
2) Hmm and haw about aforementioned shoes for about 2-2.5 minutes due to the buckle/leather/vinyl/button/clasp that will ensure painful outcome in breaking in said shoe.
3) Purchase anyway thinking "they will soften after I break them in".
4) Wear shoe.
5) Suffer 3-5 weeks after of blisters/bubbles/chafing/rubbing/hurting.
6) Develop Pavlovian response to shoe whereupon no matter how cute/pretty/quirky/were on sale they were, due to pain of breaking in, can no longer wear shoe due to gastric reflux upon insertion of foot.
7) Retire shoe to Closet Graveyard.

But no longer!
Insert Body Glide liberally on feet at step #4 and TRUST me, no shoe will ever RIP again.

Try it.

So ends my Public Service Announcement.

You're very welcome.

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