August 24, 2006

blowing chunks

I think I busted the handmixer.

So heading to a potluck-slash-camping-slash-bring yer own tent-slash-food wedding (I thought these things only occurred in San Francisco (!) ... apparently not). So the yumpcious wonder that I decided to make are Chocolate Chai Cupcakes (doesn't that SOUND yummy just reading it??)

Only thing is is that you have to grind all the spices ... grind?!? Scuse me?

So me, being Logical Problem Solver Extraodinaire, (and having the bad habit of "use whatever you've got in front of you" mentality), thought I could use my handmixer to "grind" cloves, cardamom and fennel.

Um ... no.

I nearly de-eyeballed myself with projectile clove rockets when I pushed "ON" ... it's this weird physics phenomenon called "small things fly outwards, not inward, when there's a swirly thing in the middle pushing them around".

Exhibit A:

clove_big.jpg   clove_mix.jpg

In the end, all I was left with was half-cloven (ha, get it?!) chunks and a very good dodge reflex.

Hmmm, maybe I should get the nuptials and guests some spitoons with them there c'pcakes...


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August 21, 2006



Totally bizarre.

I don't know what it was, but for that whole week in the mountains, every night, every.night, I would have THE craziest and wildest dreams. And not just one, many...oodles.

They had subplots, cow plops... first voice, third voice, sweeping scenery shots, closeups... playbacks, halfbacks, quarterbacks...

Maybe it was the fresh country smells of wild pony poo and grasshopper sweat, but something was making my gray matter trip out between the hours of 9pm (or so) to 6am (or so).

And no, I don't remember one damn dream, just the snippets and the sensation of wuzzuh... (??)

So, I'm going to try from now on and see what oozes out...
hopefully it won't smell bad or soil the pillowcases.


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August 16, 2006


I just have to say that Body Glide ROCKED the Pyrenees trip... everything was wonderfully squishy instead of red, raw and welted.

(See May 19th 2006 post)

I want to pull a Remington and invest in this company.


I love this stuff.


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August 14, 2006

on my knees photo album

Ok, am slowly getting to the re-hash of the trip... no text, but here are the pics...

On My Knees Pyrenees, HRP Route Photo album

It's a little hodge podge because the program alphabetizes the pictures. I tried to order them by days, but it ended up started from the end, (merde!)

Anywho... see how it goes : )

*Disclaimer: Our own camera was lost the very first day, at the airport, when we got there so these pics are all from Jon's camera. I wish I could have taken more close up shots - the animals, flowers, rocks, etc. but have a gander at the BIG scenery.

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August 13, 2006

late submission

Just got these Action Jackson shots from my pal Riam in Paris ... we were trying to shoot a fight video (think two chicks on the shores of the Seine River, kung-fu ing it out) but it didn't quite work ... Eric's a documentary filmmaker, but he ended up "shooting" us on the rapid picture fire button instead of the video button [smile].

Shot One, Scene One: Hand to Hand Combat


Shot Two, Scene Three: No Wires Attached


And other nonsense...

I love this picture, it's so "please won't you help the children" only grown up style ... as I text a message in the background.


Docu shots of us walking (I know I know, I'm texting in this whole flipping series. I'm new to this media/um and it takes me a while...)

walk05.jpg   walk.jpg   walk03.jpg   walk04.jpg   walk06.jpg

Nazi kitten (??)


The End:


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murakami02.jpg   murakami_sm.jpg

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August 11, 2006

nub nub

I know I'm suppose to putting in an entry about the Pyrenees trip and all it's wonders, but in the two days that I've been back, I've discovered inks and nubs and got all excited about that! (yes, ADHD)...

Found a very well-stocked, filled to the brim art store as I was walking through the neighborhood yesterday and I got sucked into the inks. I have always wanted to try drawing and doodling with inks and nibs, but never really sat down to try until now!

Plus the Winston & Newton drawing inks are so gorgeous, (yes it was all about packaging), but come on ... they had colors like "Peat Brown" and "Viridian" and the Indian Ink box cover had a big black spider with a top hat on (!!)

You try and resist, I dare you.


I tried out my Black Indian and Deep Red and made a card for my nephew, Ethan, for his First Birthday.
Not so much a drawing, but gimme time to play...

ethan_bdaycard.jpg   envelope.jpg

I love how the nibs split and spray ink all over the place, cool splatter effect, but a mess... I'm covered in run off, but so worth it!


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August 09, 2006

take your "pic"




The sounds of the Pyrenees from July 31 - August 8th

Just got back Monday from an insane 7-day trek through backcountry Pyrenees "pics" - mountain peak, "cols"- mountain pass, boulderfields, and scree madness!

Have been trying to recover since, so am not yet mentally (or physically) able to fully convey the experience, but once legs and brain have stopped swelling, will provide more details about it all.

In the meantime, a few choice pics:


our bird's eye view of our tent


yeah, that's me behind tomas


Stay tuned...

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