October 24, 2006


it's 4:44am + i'm working on racing logos due a.s.a.p. + i'm jetlagged + and i'm nuevo-33 (as of 3:33am) =

[ ] going to streak crogsland road
[ ] going to fall asleep
[ ] going to learn about the high and low fronts of south america
[ ] going to fold my underwear
[ ] going to blu-tak posters
[ ] going to balance checkbook
[ ] going to take pictures of covert camden graffiti artists
[ x ] going to write senseless blog entry
[ x ] going to charge an extra-ordinary large sum of money for this

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October 05, 2006


Ceramics, silver, felt .. oh my!

I seem to be channeling my Inner Girl (IG) whilst here in London... the cooking, the baking ... Jane Eyre* (!)

I decided to take it to the next level and head over to the London Craft Fair at the Somerset House. Never been there and it just reminded me of one of the things I love about London... the venues. The craft fair wasn't actually IN the building, it was inside the courtyard, but wow! Nothing like being surrounded by a stone fortress while rummaging through the handmadeables.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't allow pictures in the fair (I'm lucky they didn't make me pour out my fluids!) But each vendor had a little card so I made a "live through this picture vicariously" collage...

origin_big.jpg   origin _SS.jpg   origin _cards.jpg

There was the usual high-end crafty stuff (ceramics, jewelry, etc.), but a few that I thought were interesting:

Mogwaii Design (double plus cuz the the band's awesome too : )
Woolen scarves and cushions... stuff that you'd need/want if you were an iguana and lived in Iceland year-round.

Cathy Miles
Cool little wire-inspired birds. Nice art pieces, whisical...Chachky-esque but interesting.


Rebecca Gouldson
Think etching without the paper. She basically stops after she creates the etching plate and uses that as the "piece". I've seen these before other places, but she has nice colors and sizes.

rebecca gould.jpg

Uh oh, it's happening ... this blog is becoming too labor-intensive to post... (sorry, I gotta stop here).

There oodles of other interesting vendors, check out the London Craft Fair site, all websites on are there. They are pretty freakin' organized!

On a tangent, I've started my attempts at calligraphy and cardmaking again...

kira_card02.jpg   kal_card.jpg

I [heart] ink.

Ok, whoa, that was intense ... I'm going to go fishing to counteract this entry...

*Jane Eyre is currently running on BBC One. Period movies from BBC rock. They just do.

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