November 07, 2006

take one for me

I failed to register for an absentee ballot.

I suck.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go VOTE!!! - a plea from the other side of the Atlantic...

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November 02, 2006

boss hog

Ah Autumn is in the air (don't call it "Fall" here, people get upset when you refer to a season as a verb...) although "hoovering" to describe vacuumn-cleaning is ok (??)

Mittens, hats, scarves and other such various woolen paraphenalia are slowly creeping into everyday wear.

It has to be said, London is absolutely gorgeous right now. I don't know if it's because of the combination of leaves starting to change and chilly, brisk sunny weather, but there's just something that feels so British-homey about bundling up and trundling down stone/cobblestone, etc.

Man, I'm getting all misty here.

Was wandering through Borough Market down by London Bridge this morning and saw something at the butcher's shop that was, I think, another sign of "Autumnal England".

Dead fuzzy bunnies.
Dead frizzy pheasants.

Yes, dead as in - doorknob, good-bye, glazed eye-look, no more [oxygen] [carbon dioxide] exchange - but in such a Ye-Olde-Just-Went-Shooting-Out-Yonder-And-Look-How-Clever-I-Am kind of way.

I wish I had my camera, but no, so instead I offer you bastardized poetic imagery... they were beauutifully hung upside down in a sort of gaggle (I know I know, gaggle are for geese shut up) of fluffy droopiness. A Farewell Peter Cottontail group hug. So wonderfully poofy and soft looking all hanging together that it made you want to run up, pet them and tweek their little ears... and then, I guess, throw them in a pot and bubble (a.k.a. French Cooking Tips de Attracion Fatal).

I wonder if somewhere in the world, bunny eyeballs are a delicacy.
Probably in China.

Speaking of unique local fare...two words, "wild hog"... scuze me, wild BOAR.

Got one. At the market. Stuffed into a pork pie ... or rather, a boar pie.

(I'm sure there's some sort of lame joke in the word "boar" and "pie" and "stuffed", but I can't think of one just now).



I wanted to add something "pig-like" to the pic but all's I had that was close was a very small blue elephant.

Yumpscious, eh? Wait til I break this baby open... 35 minutes at 170C [check!]

I'll let you know how it goes down (but more importantly... out ).

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