April 21, 2007

olecranon process

My elbow hurts, and I'm not processing.

I've slowly noticed this the past ... month or so.

First it started with a lapse in conversation, a "pardon me? can you repeat that again?", followed by bouts of REDTMT - Repetitive Emailing Due To Misreading Text, and now I have to ask people not to talk, but first to state their purpose and then proceed.

As in -

"Hello, I will speaking to you about [subject]"

"And now I will begin to talk."

Ugh. I despair.

I can no longer process. My brain is like those first computer processors from way back, the ones that took 30 days to intepret a single command, and filled whole rooms in the dusky, dark, buildings in West Philadelphia.

My brain is Atari.
My brain is COBAL.
My brain is dial up.

My gray matter no longer processes linearly, instead it jumps into tangential connections, word associations, linguistic parallels and onomatopoeias.

It's a mass of neural sparks, but missing the connection. Frogger jumping on random logs, but missing the point. Doe is a deer, but not going back to Doe. Choose your own adventure, but skipping the last page.

- - -

It stops here.

- - -

ONE is the magic number. My brain will no longer be jacked up to 11.

REDTMT will die. There will only be one.
Multitasking will die. There will only be one (at a time).
When people speak, there will only be one conversation, one person, one seat.

It starts now.

B: < RUN >

Posted by slin at 06:38 AM