September 30, 2008


HELLO Schuangers!


You will need an FTP client (based on what type of desktop application you use (e.g. Windows, Apple, Linux) - I only have instructions below for Internet Explorer/Windows, sorry! But I'll try to find some more options.

APPLE/MAC - Not sure, may have to Google to find an FTP client (sorry Herve/Deepali!)
LINUX - Go to Places -> Connect To Server and fill out the details

For those on Windows/Internet Explorer - the ftp address is

For those on Apple or Linux, it is -

- - -

(I found this a little tricky, but when you get onto this page, stay within the top orange box and click on "Open Source Software - You are downloading FileZilla ... Problems with the download? Please use this direct link or try another mirror." I used the "direct link".

1) Once you have the Filezilla application, type in at the top:

Username: yunnan

2) You will then see your computer's directory on the lower lefthand side of the application under LOCAL SITE.

3) To create a directory folder: See my example "Shirley Lin's pics".

- Go to REMOTE SITE and right click on the first folder (has no name).
- You will then be asked if you want to create a new directory.
- Click yes and name it after your first and last name.

4) Adding your pictures to your directory folder:

- BEFORE adding your pictures to the new directory that you have created, please compress your pictures folder.
- The best way to do this is to place all your pictures into one folder, then right click and "Send To" a compressed folder. This will help us conserve space!
- Transfer your compressed folder of pictures by simply dragging the folder onto your newly created directory folder.

5) Downloading other people's pictures:

- Simple go to the compressed folder and drag it onto your LOCAL SITE directory! (This may take a while to load, best to walk away and have a cup of coffee and a croissant (French), bowl of spicy noodles and tea (Chinese), Coke and a burger and fries (Americans).

I apologize if this all seems a little confusing, it's pretty straightforward, once you get started. Please email me if this is just too much, we can IM each other and I'll be happy to walk you through it!

Good luck! A big shout-out THANKS to my wonderful Tom for setting this all up!

P.S. I'll keep looking for Apple options.

Posted by slin at 08:18 PM