October 05, 2006


Ceramics, silver, felt .. oh my!

I seem to be channeling my Inner Girl (IG) whilst here in London... the cooking, the baking ... Jane Eyre* (!)

I decided to take it to the next level and head over to the London Craft Fair at the Somerset House. Never been there and it just reminded me of one of the things I love about London... the venues. The craft fair wasn't actually IN the building, it was inside the courtyard, but wow! Nothing like being surrounded by a stone fortress while rummaging through the handmadeables.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't allow pictures in the fair (I'm lucky they didn't make me pour out my fluids!) But each vendor had a little card so I made a "live through this picture vicariously" collage...

origin_big.jpg   origin _SS.jpg   origin _cards.jpg

There was the usual high-end crafty stuff (ceramics, jewelry, etc.), but a few that I thought were interesting:

Mogwaii Design (double plus cuz the the band's awesome too : )
Woolen scarves and cushions... stuff that you'd need/want if you were an iguana and lived in Iceland year-round.

Cathy Miles
Cool little wire-inspired birds. Nice art pieces, whisical...Chachky-esque but interesting.


Rebecca Gouldson
Think etching without the paper. She basically stops after she creates the etching plate and uses that as the "piece". I've seen these before other places, but she has nice colors and sizes.

rebecca gould.jpg

Uh oh, it's happening ... this blog is becoming too labor-intensive to post... (sorry, I gotta stop here).

There oodles of other interesting vendors, check out the London Craft Fair site, all websites on are there. They are pretty freakin' organized!

On a tangent, I've started my attempts at calligraphy and cardmaking again...

kira_card02.jpg   kal_card.jpg

I [heart] ink.

Ok, whoa, that was intense ... I'm going to go fishing to counteract this entry...

*Jane Eyre is currently running on BBC One. Period movies from BBC rock. They just do.

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September 16, 2006



Didja know?
... in El Salvador they call fish "pes" if it's still in the water and "pescado" as soon as you take it out. As in food. As in half way to yer gullet.

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August 13, 2006


murakami02.jpg   murakami_sm.jpg

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August 11, 2006

nub nub

I know I'm suppose to putting in an entry about the Pyrenees trip and all it's wonders, but in the two days that I've been back, I've discovered inks and nubs and got all excited about that! (yes, ADHD)...

Found a very well-stocked, filled to the brim art store as I was walking through the neighborhood yesterday and I got sucked into the inks. I have always wanted to try drawing and doodling with inks and nibs, but never really sat down to try until now!

Plus the Winston & Newton drawing inks are so gorgeous, (yes it was all about packaging), but come on ... they had colors like "Peat Brown" and "Viridian" and the Indian Ink box cover had a big black spider with a top hat on (!!)

You try and resist, I dare you.


I tried out my Black Indian and Deep Red and made a card for my nephew, Ethan, for his First Birthday.
Not so much a drawing, but gimme time to play...

ethan_bdaycard.jpg   envelope.jpg

I love how the nibs split and spray ink all over the place, cool splatter effect, but a mess... I'm covered in run off, but so worth it!


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June 12, 2006

pilgrim's progress

Did a lot of carving over the past day or so, it's been so warm and humid here that the lino is really soft and a lot more maleable.

Here's an update on the plate:

cut_6_11.jpg   cut_6_11_zm.jpg

I ended up doing a test print outside on my back porch, just to see how it would look. I think I got so 'inebriated' by the 'spirits' (UK-ese for turpentine) that I stabbed my finger and thought it would be funny to do bloody thumbprints (since I was already doing fingerprints).



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May 23, 2006

double entendre

So I'm jetlagging. I've been up since 4am, which usually happens. The good thing is that this is the time when I think, and consequently, the ideas come out. I did this a lot in SF too, something about pre-dawn ...

I Fear For The Immigrants

I've been rolling that in my head for the past few weeks, and it's inspired me to start on a few prints, probably mixed screen and linocut. For some reason I am REALLY looking forward to carving out some linoleum, (pent up aggression I think). I didn't get a chance to make my lino-anti-slip wood-thing in SF, but I'll figure something out.

I was staring at my hands, started "coloring" them with a marker, and so, it will start with a fingerprint:




(odd sidenote, I always seem to take pictures when I'm in my pajamas, girly butterfly bottoms eh?)

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April 30, 2006

special purpose

So our flat in London has lots of white space, since we didn't really bring a whole heckuva lot with us from SF except the bare essentials ... underwear, ("pants" if you're a Brit), toothbrush, George Foreman Grill... I've decided that all my projects for the print class I just started last week in London will be geared towards making posters/wallpaper for the walls. That'll be my Special Purpose.

Speaking of walls, went to see a very cool play, The Wolves in the Walls last night by the National Theatre of Scotland (nice) by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean.


Always great to see the Goths and kiddies enjoying a little live entertainment together ...

Also headed down to Spitalfields today with my sis. I feel bad for saying this, but slightly overrated... that may be because it was SO flippin' CROWDED! Much preferred the Sunday[Up]Market a little bit down the road. Just had a lot more handmade, do-it-yerself kinda stuff. Also a great little area to play carrom, or sit and have a little Ethopian coffee break.

Ended up getting some cool t-shirts (and yeah, overpriced considering it was the run-of-the-mill screenprinted stuff) but that's o.k. helping out the locals!

Was a cute little booth called Specific Flavour, lots of screenprinted bags, cloth, hodgepodge stuff, my fav is Orvar.


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July 27, 2005


Check out spoofchicken's first photoshoot!

We're finally getting our website in shape (yea! Jen) and have been spending the last few weeks taking product shots, I've added a few to this entry.

A few shout outs:

Muchisimo thank yous to Jay Ganaden of Jay Studios for taking these Dawson-creekesque model shots (we won't hold it against him!)

Also thanks to all our gorgeous sexy models - Tomas, Mario, Patricia, Vincent, Cindy, Ron and Carin!

Stay tuned, these will all be up on our site very soon!

Here are some of my product shots:

scribbly_slate.jpg   scribbly_red_w03.jpg

um_blk_w05.jpg   um_brn_or_w04.jpg

boxboy_slate_m02.jpg   scribbly_brn_w05.jpg

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July 22, 2005

SF Open Studios - Prep

Getting ready for the October Open Studios at the Market Street Gallery. Have been trying to figure out how to frame the pieces (there'll be about 10 pieces up!)

Still bummed that I won't be able to attend my first opening EVER, but so glad Jen's agreed to step in for me AND we get to sell spoofchicken with some tees as well .. booya!

The framing part is really cool, trying to figure out how to exhibit the prints. Dunno if I quite have the right 'look', wanted something a bit 'dirtier', but these seem to work pretty well.

Check em out. There'll be a full photo album on all the Market Street Gallery set up shots as well.

Hmmm ... how to frame?


Market Street Gallery - the space

mk_space.jpg   mk_wall.jpg

The Local Keepers

mk_gray.jpg   mk_black.jpg

Some Pieces To Be Displayed





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June 16, 2005


So I worked on multiple linocuts recently, carving out different figures and then sort of using the stamp effect to make a scene.

I finally got a piece together that I really like, a sort of party scene, but my camera broke, so sorry no pics. But I do have the test print I did to check out if the 'stamps' would come out.


I kinda like it, it's all wrinkled now but I think I like the effect!

It'll be on show (the final piece) at my very first EVER art show!

SF Open Studios
October 9/10 - Reception
Up all of October at Market Street Gallery

Stay tuned ...

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May 25, 2005

Damn Thing's Stuck!

So, a little bit of a sad night last night ... my last day of printing class : ( - since we're moving to London. It was really productive though! Did a super-duper fast multiple-drop monoprint with multiple passes of a couple of linocuts of groovy images (it's a party scene!) HURRAH!

I *would* post it but my stupid digital camera is completely and utterly stuck ... the lens won't open! Blast! I also have prints of the huge project (Phoenix & Dragon) from decades (feels like it) back. That print turned into quite a legend.

After taking 3 months building it, it took about 2 months to figure out how to ink the monster and then another 3 months to get some viable prints (thank you Mike) because a pal in class decided I was being pathetic and useless in class and asked to color it for me! The plate actually got passed around TWICE, to another classmate.

Plate slut.

But in the end, I can't post it because my camera doesn't work, leaving anyone reading this blog to use their own imaginative powers.

I really like the print I did last night though, it's very colorful. I've been stressed beyond belief because there's been so much happening, but it was so fun/calming just to let loose and do a multiple-drop last night. I'll probably submit it into the show in October so check it out then!

Just about to rush off to another wedding (this time in Italia), but just one note on Indian weddings since we just went to one this past weekend.


So colorful with the gorgeous saris, music, dancing, yummy FOOD! and all the ceremonies. It's just so cool to watch al the guests get into the dancing (older family members, EVERYONE!) Usually when you go to a regular wedding, all the kids/younger crew are all over the place and all the older relatives just sort of fox-trot around, but this was great to see everyone just letting loose into a sort of Indian mosh-pit. Loved it!

So congrats to Sandeep and Ruby!

But pictures possibly coming soon, pending camera re-function ...

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May 17, 2005


Wow, it's been a while. So many projects all happening at once!

So here's my finished Kira y Mario's Save the Date (minus some color, I ran out of time!), Kira added her finishing touches - stay tuned for her final version!


Judy's Address Card is done too!
I changed the details to protect the innocent : }


Am currently working on my sister's fantastic (229+ pager) book of travels and on some logo design ... so much fun!

On a side note, I'll be in my VERY FIRST ART SHOW in San Francisco in October! More details to come, but it will be part of the city wide Open Studios and I think I'll be showing 4-5 pieces at the Market Street Gallery. Check it out if you're in SF in October - take pics too cuz I won't be in SF anymore after July : (

Last note - the CCSF poster is all over the campus, the film festival is this weekend (May 20th - Friday). Check it out if you're free - a mere $2 donation!

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April 11, 2005

too much chinese food

what came with my orange slices ...

fortune 003.jpg

(love my birdy pj bottoms)

Artist X-change update: Jen sold out on ALL her box boy tees! In ONE week ... fantastic. We're dropping off another load on Thursday, more box boys, more umbrella guys - 3 colors (brown, black and light blue), and more scribbly girls.

CCSF poster update: Here's the FINISHED poster!


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April 02, 2005

In My Cookie ...


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March 31, 2005

Now Available in San Francisco!


spoofchicken is now at the Artist's X-Change store in San Francisco.


3169 16th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tues-Fri: 12-9PM
Sat: 10-9PM
Sun: 10-8PM
Mon: closed
Phone: 415-864-1490
Fax: 415-864-1848

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March 27, 2005

my boys

Am working on some random small prints of boys, kinda inspired by my nephew. There are 4 so far, all different angles, all different colors.

Here's two...

Sweet and curious


Devilish and bratty


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March 18, 2005

New Feature

Remember how I was trying to figure out how to make photo albums on this thing? ... well, I never did figure it out BUT Tom did! - what a whizkid.

Photo Albums online

Unfortunately, it's not linked right to this blog, you have to get to it through the main shirleyoujest.com site (hit the "art" button), but it has updates of art stuff and pictures.

Check it out!

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March 17, 2005

Some new prints

It's been a while since I've posted some new prints, my prints are getting a little more complicated these days so they're taking longer to make... (is this growth?!?! ha.)

Bus Stop
Multidrop monoprint
It's not done yet, but here's where I'm at so far. I want to do a series of people near or on public transport or standing by shops.

bus stop boy.jpg

I'm also doing a series of old family photos. My sis found a bunch while they were cleaning up my parent's house (for retirement!) I LOVE these photos, they are so beautiful.

Another time. Another place.

I look at my parents and think - Who are these people? It's just so nice to see them in a different light.

Little Mom
Photo transfer with multiple monoprint drop
I just love the expression on my mom's face. She looks so pained to be at school or wherever she is.

mom photo transfer.jpg

Actual Photo

I have two more drying on the racks, I'll post them next week when I'm done coloring them. I basically transferred the photo image onto a monoprint and then laid in the color bit by bit.

I just really love these pictures.

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March 15, 2005

Poster Child

Wha hey! My poster got chosen for the film festival! How cool is that. I don't get paid (although I did get a St. Patrick's Day cupcake thankyouverymuch), but that's ok ... I've always wanted to do a poster.

My cupcake

It'll be cool just to see it in print. Coming May 20, 2005 ...City Shorts Film Festival

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March 14, 2005

In Stores Now!


Yea!! Am shipping off our shirts to YES Clothing and SaySay in Portland!


We sent out our Box Boy shirts (in men's) in black and Umbrella Boy (in women's) in 4 different colors! Check it out (if you're in Portland - Dee that means you!)

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That's me.

Spent the entire weekend printing t-shirts, probably about 12 hours worth ... my brain is numb from the placing, inking, printing, wash, [repeat]...

At moments it felt like what it did when I was little and forced to practice piano. It would be sunny and gorgeous outside, I could hear the birds chirping and the people playing and I was confined to be inside - dark and shadowy - doing scales. Only this time, it was inside placing, inking, printing, wash, [repeat]. What made it worse is that Jen's apt is on Nob Hill where the trolleys go past so I could hear the *ding*ding* of the trolley and all the people laughing outside.

Must be what Alcatraz is like.

(Ha, I'm such a drama queen.)

But the good news is they're DONE! Just have to figure out the COD at USPS and all the shipping to and fro. I will be SO estatic when I hand these packages over to the post office man tomorrow. Es-freakin-static.

In other news, I finished the movie poster! Yippee! I really need to learn how to use Photoshop. This 'pull it out of my ass' is only getting me so far.

Kinda looks like Frankenstein-Does-Poster-Advertisement, dunnit?


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March 07, 2005


Seems to be a trend here, whenever I'm sick, I get bouts of creativity. Maybe it's because I'm so bored at home laying around and phlegmating...

So, yes, I'm sick again. I noticed the last time I was sick was my Feb 11 entry, this must be a monthly malaise. The culprit this time was a biz trip I had to take to Perrysburg, Ohio. Actually, to be more specific, the Holiday Inn off the Ohio Turnpike (Exit #64). What an exciting life I lead.


Left Thursday at 5am, got there at 5pm (via Chicago and a rental car). Went to the conference at 7am (who starts a conference that early?!?) and got back home to SFO at 11pm.


Ok, but enough of that, lots of stuff happening. I feel another list coming on...

1) Look for us...spoofchicken will be in stores! Two boutiques downtown, to be exact, in Portland, OR - Yes and SaySay. Crazy! Jen and I can't believe it, and to be honest, we're both slightly freaked out because all of the sudden, we actually have official customers! It's now a mad rush to make this into a semi-business (business cards? ...we need business cards?!)

It was so great though, we went up to visit my friend Dee (thanks again for amazing hospitality) and just roamed around the shops with samples of our shirts. I didn't think anyone would actually put in an order! But everyone was so amazingly friendly and Portland has such an amazing 'up-and-coming' kind of vibe, it was a perfect place to start. So stay tuned ... I'll post up some pics once we send out the orders.

2) Web-design. Somehow me, T and J have gotten into web design (??) There is this amazing artist who is a climbing pal of T's. He does cartoneria, (cartoneria is the art of sculpting using paper, wire and tubing. It is the art form widely practised through out South America), and creates the most amazing skeletons, animals, shapes, etc. He is very popular around the Bay Area and it was time, he needed an artist's website, so viola! we're making him one! Bizarre.

3) So this is the year of weddings (well, to be honest, the last 5 years have been the years of weddings). I know it annoys my friends , but I -hate- getting gifts off the registry. Can't help it, just don't want to be known as the pal that bought Item #38 at Pottery Barn - Drape holders. So instead one of the projects I'm working on is designing a wedding website for some friends getting married in April. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I figure, if they like it, whahey! it's all good. And it's simple. Simple is good.


4) City College of San Francisco Film Festival. And so, the last thing that I'm really excited about is this film festival happening in SF for CC students. It's a shorts festival and one of my art classmates teaches in the film dept. Apparently they need a poster so she asked if I could make one. So now I'm in a rush to try to come up with something, but I'm totally excited because I've always wanted to make a poster. Who knows if it'll get chosen, but it's been fun trying to come up with ideas.

Stay tuned.

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February 11, 2005

New for 2005

So I'm stuck at home sick today and bored out of my mind!!

The result?

New site image!!! Soon to be up, but will look like this: (subtle spoofchicken shout out)


And the other site:


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February 07, 2005

The Last of the Pachyderm

Drum roll please...

It's done.

Before the final grout

In progress


In place

Other side!

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January 06, 2005

Pulling the Elephant Together

I'm done!

Well, almost, still have to mortar it, but for the most part, this is what it's gonna look like (you'll just have to imagine the sweet black mortar filling).




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December 31, 2004

My First Twenty

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce ....I sold my first print!

Well, actually, my first six prints! I can't believe someone actually laid down some moolah for my stuff, still buzzing about it. Disbelief.

Every December the CCSF has a Student Art Sale. I've been taking monoprinting there for about 4 semesters and never had a chance to make these sales because I was always traveling in the Fall and never had anything to submit ... ugh.

But this year, I got off my ass and finally put in about 20 prints then rushed off to New Zealand. I put in stuff that I had extra, extra prints, editions, stuff I just didn't want anymore and they were priced from about $15 - $50 each. To be honest, I didn't think anyone would buy the stuff because it was really a hodgepodge of stuff.

One print was an etching that I did of a group of friends T and I had. I was basically playing with mixing etching and monoprinting and decided just to draw out (sort of illustrated) our friends. Picture it, 6 random people on a print. But...IT SOLD! Not only one but BOTH! Ha! Makes me laugh to think that someone has these prints hung up somewhere in their house of me, T and 4 of our Edinburgh friends. Random.

All in all, all the prints I sold were of my drawings and characters (nice feeling considering that's the direction I'm heading in). I even sold a print for $50 (?!)... nearly fell over delirious at that one.

And before anyone thinks that I'm rushing off to try to do this all the time...

I only made $185.

Better keep the day job.

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December 27, 2004

Naughty Santa's Black Market

Ok, Naughty Santa's Black Market ... a friend (Jen) and myself decided, on a pure whim, to start designing and hand-screen print t-shirts. Yeah, on. a. whim. So this was our "official" coming out sale.


So.Much.Fun! We did really well considering it was our first time out - sold about 20 shirts which was fantastic! Stay tuned for our next batch... Jen's designs are the box boy and scribble girl, I just did one - the umbrella guy (5 colors=5 screens...ouch!)

It was 4pm - Midnight on a Sunday nite (woof!) down in San Francisco. The naughtiness of it all came out at 8pm - midnight (which included fab-u-lous transvestites on stage, and dramatic stilt-walkers galore).

Our wares





Jen in drag (there were hats that had wigs sewn on into them?!)


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October 22, 2004


Here's an update of the groovy Indian (curry, not teepee) elephant...

The whole thing:


The middle:


In progress (all over my living room floor):


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October 16, 2004

In pieces ... in progress

Among all the other projects, have started a groovy Indian elephant mosaic for a friend of mine. Three hour's worth of work, millions of glass shards and four cuts to the hand later ...


Close up of the head (my fav so far)


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September 22, 2004

Warm fuzzy

So I'm officially brain dead from lack of sleep and iron-freaking-deficiency (long story). But thought I'd put in a little something here since it's been a while.

So yeah, my masks didn't make it into the show that I had submitted it to. I was a little bummed, (oh the sting of rejection! ha) but ultimately ok because let's a face it, I just started doing this!

So I actually went to the show last Sat with a friend of mine and not to be a beeyyootch, but yippee! I was so happy to see that it wasn't that great. It was small and well, the stuff was ok, but it wasn't 'all that'.

Oh joy of joys.

But then again, maybe I sucked so much as to not even be good enuff to get in a sucky show.



On the Ying of that Yang, went to a printmaking open studio where a lot of the CA printmakers were exhibiting and *sigh* it was nice that everyone I ran into who knew me asked where my stuff was and when it would be exhibited.

Warm fuzzy.

Am still working on my masterpiece of a collograph plate. Should be ready to start printing it in about a month or so. Am going to be cyptic, (it's a present), but having probs figuring out the intricacies of what a dragon looks like. And let's just say, scales are a bitch.

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August 13, 2004

Get the Skinny

Ok so now I'm all into t-shirt printing!! It's just such a cool concept that you can print whatever you want (your designs, pictures, whatever!) onto clothes, bags ... plus San Francisco is such a great place to just handmake things and sell them because of all the street fairs, little boutiques, shows, etc.

Check out Paula's fantastic site (she's the instructor of sorts at the MCC).

Some designs of hers that I really like ...

mushroomeyshirt.jpg    lovelyredshirt.jpg

Printed stockings!


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August 02, 2004

This is what dreams are made of

Tint base came at last... all my dreams fulfilled.

Stay tuned.

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July 18, 2004

Random pieces

Here are some random things I've done in the past, am trying to figure out how to make a photo album, but in the meantime...

Paper Skull
monoprint with chine-colle (sp?)

skull chinecolle.jpg

monoprint with chine-colle


Edinburgh Face

edinburgh face.jpg

Sad and Beautiful World
Drawing/doodle, used whatever was in my desk drawer. Had just seen Down By Law and that saying just stuck in my head.

sad world.jpg

Drunk Dude

drunk dude.jpg

Here Comes The Sun


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Busy Busy Buzz Buzz

Lots goin' on ... so yeah, the "workshop", been getting in my hours, kinda slowly getting into it. It's such a different feel, I had a bit of a bad sesh Thursday (my second time out). Because it's just space and not a proper class, you have to bring all your own supplies (no biggie) but the first couple times going is really an exercise in frustration ... shit! forgot the wax paper ... dammit! I don't have a plexiglass plate ... AHHHHH!($*@$(# there's no plate oil!!! - these are relatively lame, little niddly things that aren't that big of a deal, but when printing certain things, if you don't have them, you. just. can't. print.

I don't know if I'm truly conveying the annoyance of it all but it's like, for lack of a better example ... forgetting the condom.

F***************K!!! (Good lordy I hope my mom isn't reading these blogs).

So anyway, working on some simple stuff right now, just monoprint wipeaways, until I get all sorted. SF seems to have an all time shortage of tint base (which you use to make the inks transparent, I love the stuff ...LOOOOOVVEEEE it ...) which sucks because gotta wait to order it online .. shipping.. time... blah blah. (see condom analogy)

Ok enuff of my frustrations.

What a week ... there are just so many damn creative people in the world, it's amazing and totally overwhelming. Check out Blaine Fontana, I really like his style (faces!! I'm all about faces) and how he subtley sneaks in the Asian/Native American vibe.

Headed over to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF for their Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture and Free Basin exhibit. Damn. I think every single skateboarder in the Bay Area and beyond showed up that night, it was crazy-packed. Such a great energy though, if slightly smooshed into my face and sweating down my arm.



Also checked out this very fun crafts fair from AK Press in Oakland. I wish I had taken some pics, but fergot my camera. Just great handmade stuff, handprinted t-shirts, homemade jewlery, bake sale, and Boobs Not Bombs tees (check out the site, a friend's company, for those endowed and not so endowed). Boobs Not Bush!

Also, have been screenprinting so went to see a pal's screenprinting stuff at the Robot Art, show in Japantown. That place is too cute. I remember when I was little (in Chi-town), me and my sibs used to make fun of all the FOB kiddies in our Chinese school classes because their clothes and stuff were ALWAYS covered with little cutsie animals. Geez, it was everywhere, shirts, shoes, gloves, glasses...

And to think, years and years later, I love the stuff! Go figure.

re·gres·sion (r-grshn) n.
Reversion to an earlier or less mature pattern of feeling or behavior.

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July 13, 2004


So, FINALLY have started printing again. I have to do 15 hours supervised time at the workshop before I'm given the key 24/7. The place is really cool, it's in a huge warehouse down near the Bay (Portrero Hill area), three floors of just HUGE space. It's great though because when you walk in, there's just a huge hallway and behind each door is a totally different thing - Aikido, Printing company, Bakery!

Auhhhhhhhhh ... bakery (industrial bakery). It's right across from the workshop .. torture! Lovely cinnamon and chocolate smells.


So yeah, working on the next print, it's me and Tom (awwwww... I couldn't think of anything at that very moment to do, everything was all new so I just starting scribbling). It'll be a monoprint wipeaway, I'm kinda thinking lots of blacks and blues, maybe standing in the rain or something, it's kinda dark. I like it.

Here's a sketch of the general pic:

tomandshirl.jpg .jpg

But also, at the same time, I think I'm going to work on another face. It's going to be loosely based on the pic below (my nephew ... I was playing around with the camera and taking all these distorted pics of him). I'm thinking of doing an old Chinese face/man, in the same pose. Maybe some chine colle (sp?) of Chinese newspapers, words, signs.


Ha, like this one (I think he actually ended up licking the camera (ewe) ... sorry getting all familial here ...


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June 24, 2004

...and I'm in!

Yea! Got 'accepted' to the Graphic Arts Workshop in San Francisco. Seems like a very cool place, 6 presses!

Will be starting around July-ish to get some things made. Can't wait to just go and put some things down on paper. Work big. That's my next project.

Am hoping to do something with the mask prints. There's an Asian-type show in SF in Sept and am thinking of submitting, but every time I see my mask prints, I get bouts of *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!* these SUCK! Kind of a process too with creating all the slides and framing and stuff, but if I get enough balls to to do it, will submit.

Stay tuned ...

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June 08, 2004


Haven't put up any new prints in a while because class ended at the end of May. Am waiting to rent some studio time in July. Until then ... some scribbles ....

AA man.jpg

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May 30, 2004


soft-ground etching with aquatint, Spring 2004

This started out as a print that I was going to do for a friend of mine (Dave), but I messed up the aquatint ... too goopey. I may go back and retouch it, but the effect that I was trying to go for was suppose to be sort of controlled chaos.

Dave has this amazing mind that just wanders in tangents and I really wanted to get that across. The face is a bit off though because he's generally a happy guy, but I like the fact that it looks very thoughtful.


soft-ground etching with aquatint, and multi-drop monoprint, May 2004

Tried to add a textured and colored "frame" around this print, got a leeetle bit too complicated. The mindtripping part is the double line, stare at this too long and you will get frontal lobe damage. I actually laid the print down twice to try to make the etching pop, but the plate slipped and so ... brain damage effect.

Kinda like that effect though. It think the color mix is pretty cool, but doesn't really work well with the print.


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May 11, 2004


multi-drop monoprint, May 2004
Am charting my progress with this one because I have to donate it, so it'll be lost, gone forever ...

Update May 2004:
Hmmm... didn't turn out how I had planned. I've discovered that tint base and too many layers of colors leaves a very muddy mess, planning is key. I was trying to get some textures and colors into the face and in the end, it just became mud. Ack well. Try try again.

drunk.jpg   drunkmud.jpg

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multi-drop monoprint, May 2004
Pretty self-explanatory... tried to get a muted quality to the monks so that the altar could pop. The print is actually brighter then this, but you get the idea...used a lot of layering especially for the monk robes which were two-toned. The overwhelming colors that were always present during all the Buddhist ceremonies were muted oranges, reds and browns so that is what the monks are bathed in. I tried to keep to reds and bright colors for the altar to represent a bright, good life.

Kinda has a orange Yoda-feel dunnit?


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May 09, 2004

'thai door guards'

soft-ground etching with aquatint, Spring 2004

Inspired by a picture of Thai door guards with a little creative embellishment on the armor (quasi-Chinese).

guard.jpg   guardcolor.jpg

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reductive linocut (varied edition), Spring 2004
My first attempt at the reductive linocut (a.k.a. 'suicide print') ... makes sense, I nearly slit my wrists trying to carve out the lino... (if you want to know what a reductive linotcut means, there's description at the bottom of the prints).

maskredorange.jpg   yellow.jpg   redmaskblack.jpg

redpur.jpg   maskgreen.jpg   greenoutline.jpg

purface.jpg   greenorangemask.jpg   redpurple.jpg

reductive linocut
Reductive printing is unique and brain-challenging way to make a color print. It is usually used with the linocut ('reductive linocut'), and is most commonly found in the fine arts. Pablo Picasso produced some of the most famous examples.

In reductive printing, there is only one printing plate. After using the plate to print the first color, the artists carves out more of the plate and prints the second color, then carves more of the plate and prints the third color, and so on for each additional color. Especially with complicated designs, this type of printing takes great planning, because there is no turning back. This is for artists who like to live on the edge.

Actually, there are reasons an artist makes reductive prints, other than the fun and challenge of it. One is that you don't have to deal with the hassle and cost of making several printing plates. Also, since you are working from a single plate, carving away as you go, it is easy to make sure your designs and proportions match.

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May 02, 2004


soft-ground etching with multiple-drop monoprint, Fall 2003
This image was the first thing that inspired me on this track... simple... It was a pain in the ass though trying to getting the color to sit.

side dude one.jpg   side dude stars.jpg

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multiple-drop monoprint, Spring 2004
Know how the gorgeous pinks and red come out in the sky in the city when the sun sets? Know where that comes from?



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